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    Evelyin Merrymoore


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    Evelyin Merrymoore

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    Evelyin Rosella Merrymoore

    Habbo : Evelyin

    Date of Birth : June 06, 1991
    Age : 17
    Durmstrang House: Loyal Badger
    Occupation : Student / Head girl
    Blood Status : Pure blood
    Wand: 13 " Holly and Unicorn horn

    Physical discription

    Hair colour : Light brown
    Hair length : long
    Eye colour : Emerald/ Green
    weight : 110 lbs
    Height : 5'9

    Born into a family of very powerful wizards and witches Evelyin has a lot to live up to. Her eldest brother Charlie has given her inspiration to follow in his footsteps and become an auror like him. This ambition has been fueled even more by the mysterious disaperance of her elder brother Harry after he betrayed the family killing her elder sister Vera's husband torturing her mother and Murdering Evelyins Father. Vera has not been seen since the night of the incident. Rumours state that harry has left to join the dark lord.

    Evelyin excells in every field and always strives to learn more. Though she is a model student in work , evelyin always finds time to be mischievious and vents her stress through Quiditch, being an apt flier she hopes to achieve a place on her house team. Her main ambitions in life are to become an auror for the MoM and to find Harry and bring him to justice.

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