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    HoQudditch application



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    HoQudditch application

    Post  John on Sat Nov 22, 2008 5:27 pm

    Ok im not sure if im allowed too... but i want this position too aling with HoHS
    And plus, its not a big Position, so it wont even be like double jobbing

    Rp Name: John Riggs

    Habbo Name: RigyRig1321

    Forums name: John

    Desired position: HoQudditch

    Why i want this job:
    I want this job because i thnk i can do a very good job with this. Quidditch has always been my favorite wizard sport, and i would love to be head of it! i have a lot of experience in quidditch, i played for gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and ravenclaw in 2007 with `H`. I think i would do a excellent job with this because i really like to watch quidditch. I can provide a quidditch pitch, and itll be very cool. With a couple people helping me, i can make it the best.

    Why i should be picked:
    I should be picked because im a trustworthy guy. I dont know anyone else you can pick besides me. I would reall like to do this because i know that this will be so fun, especially because im a HoH of slytherin, and that brings me to another reason. I have never watched or played with slytherin. I think itll be a very good change for me and I cant thank you more if i get picked.

    What i plan to do:
    I plan to have every team pick a captain. Then report them to me. once i have the captains i will start the games. I will have every team play 1 tean at least twice. it will be a very confusing bracket but it will be fun.


    I plan to have 1 team play 1 team at least twice. now of course they will play every team. so technically,,, 1 tean will play every team twice. games will be on the following days
    Monday: 1 game
    Wednsday: 2 games
    Thursday: 1 game
    Saturday/ Sunday: 3 games
    Games will be every week according to this schedule. I will post the schedule on the forums. I will also have a Prize for the winning team. The prize will be a trophy in
    there common room. I will ask for rights and I will place the trophy there!

    The rules will be on the forums also, they will be the following

    Physical contact- Taken out of the game for 5 minutes
    sexual contact- Taken out of the game and for the next 2
    Mental contact- Taken out for 2 minutes
    Any magic- Results in automatic lose

    What I will like to say:
    I will have 13 people on the team. There will only be 7 people on the feild. I will have penaltys for teams who try to cheat. You may call in subs after points are made. There will be the following
    Seeker: 1
    Chasers: 3
    Keeper: 1
    Beaters: 2

    I always loved this game and if i am picked itll be a priv... No an HONOR

    Thank you
    Yours truely:
    John Riggs

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