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    Important Flyer][



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    Important Flyer][

    Post  Nico on Thu Nov 20, 2008 11:20 pm

    -As you pick up a flyer in the school- -as it read- There has been an attack on the school. Staff and the students said that the attacker's name was "MEOW MIX". This meow mix fellow snuck into the school and stunned the HoGP and professor Yewbeam. After the attack he hid into the staircase or somewhere, and no one can find him atm. He is thought to be a random wizard who took the apperance of Chris Malfoy. Was it Chris or some weirdo. If you have any info. talk to Nicolas Sky. Students and staff are to proceed into the staircase with caution.
    -OOC- Yes the guy was one of my characters.

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