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    HoHS application



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    HoHS application

    Post  John on Thu Nov 20, 2008 5:06 pm

    Ok i think someone erased the other one, if i get this i will probably resign from HoDueling

    Habbo Name: RigyRig1321

    RP Name: John Riggs

    Desired position: Head Of HIdden Snake

    Position now: Head of dueling

    What I plan to do:
    I plan to make the house of Hidden Snake, The best house. I want too teach the kids disciplin and self control. If i do that, and they get it perfect, we will be UNSTOPPABLE. I really would like to see this house win a couple House cups, Maybe some qudditch cups. I will turn this WHOLE house around.

    Why I want this job:
    Slytherin, Has always been my favorite house, but Hidden snake is the same thing. I really want this job because i belive i can do very well in this position. Its a really cool house. I think i will be a very good HoH. I have never been an HoH, I want to change that, LIKE A LOT.

    Why i should be picked:
    Im a very active person, I can be a very good HoH, Probably THE best. I think i should get picked because im good with new kids. I can help them around. I think i should get this because im a fun guy. I really like this house.

    The most important, I will not tolerate the following
    Sexual contact (miners)
    Physical contact
    Mental abuse
    Magical fighting
    And so n

    Feild trips:
    I plan to have feild trips 2 times a week. I will make sure they have a lot of fun and such. They will do a lot of activites to like:
    Dueling matches
    Wizard chess
    Wizard Marbles
    And maybe quidditch
    We might just look at the animals and plants and such on the grounds too.

    Iwill have tryouts soon for a team. After that i will have the kids vote on who the captain is. I will then talk to the HoQ, And see when the games are.

    Other things:
    Like i said i always loved this house. I really would think i would do a VERY good job in this position I think i will help the youngsters out by guiding them through the Big halls of `D`rumstrang. If i get this job, I PROMISE YOU i will be THE most active person on `D`rumstrang.
    Thank you

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    Re: HoHS application

    Post  Josh on Fri Nov 21, 2008 12:42 pm

    Ok I think this will be a cool position for you. You are going to have to make the common room. I will only setup the Girls and Boys Dorms. This position is accepted but you are going to have to resign from HoDoD.

    I am assuming this is your resignation from Head of Dueling. so I will officially change your status.

    Accepted and Locked Cool

    `D`urmstrang Headmaster
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