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    `D` Grief-Stolz Head of house apply.



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    `D` Grief-Stolz Head of house apply.

    Post  Ryan on Wed Nov 19, 2008 6:39 pm

    Ic Name:Aaron
    IC Age: 23
    Reasons i Should be HoGS
    i love to help people,Makeing friends is my favorite thing , im always a big help,Im always around when needed,I Help People With Spells If needed, And I can Protect Students With no wand's Or one's that cannot defend.i Have Great Experience To.
    My Wizard/Past:
    Aaron Zou Was a Little Kid With Parents who abused him,All of his friends dissapeared Because they all went to hogwarts,
    his brother Didnt tell him either about magic,His close friend was His Dog, Aaron is a "Mud Blood" But he didnt know except
    His Brother,Aaron Had a hideing spot that was magical, it was some type of forest Once after a while a dark Wizard killed
    his dog He was very sad, but he wonderd how the wizard killed his dog with the stick, Then finally His brother told him
    all about magic and they both went to hogwarts together to learn the wizard ways.

    Experince: My Hightest Rank Was Headmaster. And ive been in gryffindor [6th year] once or twice, Hufflepuff Prefect, And Auror.

    Quidditch: I have been captain,and the other spots, i have caught the pitch a few times, And i hire some decent people/Good [or i would train them], And i hire a very good quidditch Captain, Which means ill put up an applictation,For The Head of Captain They Must have Experience.
    How i will do with this char [rp with him]
    I Will Be as much of a leader i can,Try to Treat People very nice, And i Will Only battle when needed. And ill answer any questions, Put them at bottum or ask me on habbo [Agentarangon], And I Should Hire a assitant maybe, And i Will let no gryffindors call anyone a So called "Mud Blood".
    What i Will do as head master:
    Games: i Will set up games for Many Students,and i will try to get as many as i can think of.
    Prefects: They Must Be Kinda active And they should be around when needed
    I Will get them to help students expecially, If i know them they could get an advantage but that is unfair, so no advantage.
    And i Will try to see if any of my students break rules. I Will try to help them learn magic to.
    If they do break rules, they wont be punished but there may be consequenses.
    i may try to teach them spellss that are possible to teach that are higher years, [if needed] But they could do that in classes.
    1. If a teacher tells me they did something i will Let them talk to me.
    2. the second time i will Make them sit alone in the common room.
    3. They Will be Severly punished, [Like an ordinary one]
    4. They might get kicked out of gryffindor.

    What Shall i Do With him:
    If i could change some rules i would, The Prefects Have to have Good Experience, And i will try to change the ways of people in gryffindors behavior.

    Aaron Zou [The0Balance1]
    I wish luck to all the other Canadites.
    Even though I dont have good experience, Doesnt mean you cant support me. [I know htis isent the best but i say its crappy]

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    Re: `D` Grief-Stolz Head of house apply.

    Post  Josh on Wed Nov 19, 2008 6:43 pm

    I have reviewed your app although some of it was not well spaced, and grammar and spelling are not all completely there. We need positions to be filled you will receive this position until further notice.

    Accepted and Locked! Cool

    `D`urmstrang Headmaster
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