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    `D` HoLB Application `D`



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    `D` HoLB Application `D`

    Post  Joeeh on Tue Nov 18, 2008 6:17 pm

    Habbo Name: Joeeh
    Forum Name: Joeeh
    Real Name: Joey
    Desired Job: HoLB
    Current Job: Nothing

    Why i want this job:
    Hufflepuff, has always been my favorite house. But Loyal Badger is the same thing so, yea. I think i will be a fun HoH and a very active, HoH. I really want this job because I think the students will love me. I will try my best to be the best HoH can be, and nothing less for `D`urmstrang.

    Why i should be picked:
    Like i said, always loved Hufflepuff/Loyal Badger. I think i should be picked because, once more, i will be very active. I am always on. I really want this job and i will do as much as I possibly can, to make `D` known, and Loyal Badger more respected.

    What I plan to do:
    I plan to start a dueling club for mainly Loyal Badger. But other houses are welcome to join if recommended. I really want to be able to take the hole house on field trips, have dueling games between houses, and tons of other games. I will keep these students nice and in line. They will not be bad or else they will have to suffer the consequences.

    Discipline For The Following:
    Magical Abuse
    Physical Abuse
    Mental Abuse
    Magical Cruelty
    or anything that I find kids will not be fit to do.

    Field trips:
    I plan to have field trips, not regular field trips, but an exploration of the school, to have kids know where there common rooms, dorms, classes, and such are.

    Other things:
    Like i said i always loved this house. I really would think i would do a VERY good job in this position I think i will help the youngsters out by guiding them through the Big halls of `D`rumstrang. If i get this job, I PROMISE YOU i will be THE most active person on `D`rumstrang.
    Thank you

    Joseph Simpson
    `D`urmstrang Institute

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    Re: `D` HoLB Application `D`

    Post  Josh on Tue Nov 18, 2008 6:32 pm

    I know you are good for this position because I have seen you as Male Prefect of Hufflepuff at `H`ogwarts so I will accept your application. Congratulations on your new position at `D`urmstrang Institute

    Accepted and Locked Cool

    `D`urmstrang Headmaster
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