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    Dominic W. Yewbeam



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    Dominic W. Yewbeam

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    Dominic William Yewbeam

    Habbo: SilverSora

    General Information
    Date of Birth: Feburary 17th, 1981
    Age: 27
    Durmstrang House: Sharp Eagle (formely)
    Occupation: HoD Charms
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Wand: Willow, 13" inches, Gryffon Feather

    Phsyical Description
    Hair Color: Dark-brown
    Eye Color: Emerald-green
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 135 lbs

    ~ Biography ~

    Family Information
    Surname: Yewbeam
    Gregor Yewbeam {father}
    Evangeline Yewbeam {mother} {née Dewhurst}
    Leodus Yewbeam {paternal grandfather}
    Marie Yewbeam {paternal grandmother} {née Summeria}
    Garth Dewhurst {maternal grandfather}
    Meropia Dewhurst {maternal grandmother} {née Hark}
    Mrs. Rowley {paternal aunt} {née Yewbeam}
    Derek Rowley {paternal cousin}

    Flask of Firewhiskey
    Ancestral ring


    Dominic William Yewbeam
    Age - 27
    Occupation - HoD Charms
    Wand - Willow, 13" inches, Gryffon Feather
    The Head of The Yewbeam Family

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