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    HoD Charms Application



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    HoD Charms Application

    Post  SilverSora on Sat Nov 15, 2008 11:11 am

    HoD Charms Application
    RP Name: Lysandér Pantalaimon
    Habbo Name: SilverSora

    Exceptations -
    I expect a well-written application for the position of Charms Prof., I will not just simply go 'easy' whatsoever at anyone who would beg for the position. They must include the following requirements and qualities in application in this following:
    (*) Teaching techinques (what spells will be taught)
    (*) Grading Policy
    (*) Homework
    (*) Discipline
    (*) Reasonable explanations of wanting the position
    (*) Reasonable explanations of why I should offer the position to them
    (*) Explanations of what they'll teach in class

    Homework -
    Homework will be given for every class that a Charms Professor, or me, will have. I usually will give out homework to the students. My grading policy is considered to be strict, here's the following grades I'll use:
    O+ (All correct answers, zero wrong answers; if a student gets three O's, they'll receieve promotion)
    O- (A few wrong answers, but the rest is correct)
    E+ (Couple of wrong answers, put effort into making the rest correct)
    E- (Couple of wrong answers, put less effort into making the rest correct)
    A+ (Only a few wrong answers, made only a little less effort)
    A- (A few answers are correct or wrong)
    D+ (Various wrong answers, only a few correct)
    D- (No effort whatsoever, many various wrong answers, none correct)
    T+ (All anwsers are wrong, failure to put in effort whatsoever, none are correct)
    T- (Failure to complete assignment)
    Failure to complete homework assignment will lead to detention.
    They'll be a total of eleven questions (an essay question may be included on a few various assigments)

    Reasonable Explanation (Why I want this position) -
    I believe in giving out opportunities to determined students who need to succeed and/or improve their Charm skills. Charms always been my most favorable subject in Durmstrang Insitute; and in my opinion, Charms has always been a complicated (and rather dangerous) subject to master over. I always favored determined students who apperciate their superiors in a well-respected tone. I will 'offer' my help into improving various students' Charm skills, I would even go to the ends of the earth just to help them with their education and complete it with no trouble whatsoever; I always liked to see young witches or wizards bloom into well-educated respecting adults.

    Reasonable Explanation (Why I should be chosen for this position) -
    If you chose me for the HoD position, I'll teach young students about the elements and rules of Charms. I'm clearly determined into teaching them the wizardry arts of Charms. I only will accept one application for Charms Professor, it may take a few weeks for me to decide the best application there is.

    Disciplinary Expectations -
    One of my key qualities is discipline. Discipline is very important quality in a HoD; I'm chosen for this position, I will not tolerate misbehavior from a undetermined student of mine, action will be taken upon them, along with dire consenquences. Here are the following offenses:
    Offense I - Warning; no house points taken away.
    Offense II - A total of ten house points will be taken away.
    Offense III - A total of twenty house points will be taken away.
    Offense IV - A total of fifty house points will be taken away.
    Offense V - A total of seventy house points will be taken away (along with an arrange of detention)
    Offense VI - A meeting with a Senior Staff member will be arranged.

    Classes -
    During the day, I'll attempt to arrange two classes with a different group of various students. As I may once again remind that homework will be assigned at the end of each class.

    Techniques -
    I'll use three lines or more to RP the effects of a spell.

    Thank you for your free time to read this application,
    Yours truely, Caleb.

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    Re: HoD Charms Application

    Post  Kale on Sat Nov 15, 2008 11:19 am

    Very well written. I will talk with the Headmaster, but I am positive you will get this job unless someone else applies. Even then you will probably get it.

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    Post  Josh on Sat Nov 15, 2008 1:41 pm

    After reading your application you sound like you are very well qualified for this job and seem that you will do everything in your power to make sure students learn and take there schooling seriously. It seems that the Deputy Head Master approves of your application, as do I so you get the job.

    Accepted and Locked Cool

    `D`urmstrang Headmaster
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    Re: HoD Charms Application

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